so im enjoying this overcast saturday.
already been to the market, 
cup of tea in hand. 

just relaxing prior to having to go to the gym. 
(although after the gym i get to relax-ish in hot yoga)

i turn on the television and my favorite actress is on...

sandra bullock...

i wish we could be friends. shes so down-to-earth. 


my LEAST favorite movie of hers is what im watching now.


the movie begins (sorry for those who havent seen it) with her husband dying and throughout the movie she keeps flashing back to just prior to his death. 

in trying to prevent it from happening she actually is the cause of the accident. 

just doesnt make any sense to me!

i love words and thought that googling the definition of premonition might help me get this a bit more...

premonition [ˌprɛməˈnɪʃən]
1. an intuition of a future, usually unwelcome, occurrence; foreboding
2. an early warning of a future event; forewarning

ok, so i knew thats what it was, duh, but i still cant grasp that an intuition actually....

you know what, 


the director did what he wanted to do. 

so now i turn my premonition understandings to God.

we have this book that forewarns us of future events. 

both good ones and bad. 

we have an ability to see and understand where our existence  is heading. 
what the future holds.

so why dont we listen to it more closely?
why not rely on it and heed its warnings?

i just dont get it...

the bible is a blessing. God didnt have to tell us anything

what does He owe us? 

and yet we keep this book hidden in our nightstand collecting dust. 

its our owners manual. 

we need to address it daily and see what new revelations God blesses us with...

which direction each day is headed, 

each year,

 each lifetime, 

until the premonitions God put into place come to pass.