psalm 107

:4,6 some wandered in desert wastelands...He delivered them 

:10,13 some sat in darkness...there was no one to help...He saved them

:17,19 some became fools through rebellion...suffered...
He saved them...He healed them...He rescued them

:23,28 others went out...He brought them out of their distress

he is always there...

never does he leave
never does he forsake

he is always always always there

what would it look like to always be there for someone?
to forgive them through everything?
to love unconditionally?

to give up yourself?

we get in binds all the time...


let down...

and sometimes we turn to no one...
or the wrong one

looking for an answer
a way out
a way through

and he is there

to deliver

to save

to heal.

to do for us what we cant do for ourselves
or each other .

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  1. Between You and Me on April 10, 2010 at 11:40 AM

    found my way to you from somewhere...humble pie, I think.

    Love your blog..now a happy follower!