ok post my liver flush i TRIED to maintain a 100% clean eating/vegan diet...
i wont lie...
i failed. 

sometimes you just can't deny yourself that yummy, gooey, choc chip cookie.

i do have, though, a 90% plant based diet and im still trying to decide which foods my body functions better on. 

not so easy but i think ive determined that dairy doesnt suit me well. 

while on my flush i searched the internet high-and-low to find recipes for a new eating lifestyle and i came across these two that i fell in love with...



gone raw has a plethora of recipes for raw eating. now i know that a total raw diet just isnt possible for most of us. 
its pretty time consuming and quite socially limiting but we can snatch up a few of the recipes every once-in-awhile. 

i really like the concept of raw desserts like this 


click HERE for the recipe. 

or look into higher fiber foods for healthy weight loss as fiber-girl.com suggests. 
here's an excerpt from her website explaining this in detail. 

High fiber foods contain "sneaky" calories. Not only are the carbs (and therefore the calories) in fiber indigestible, but each gram of fiber burns calories as it works its way through your digestive tract! Watch how it works with this apple - that apple contains five grams of fiber, and that fiber has four calories per gram that are not digested or absorbed in humans. So you can actually subtract twenty calories from the original one hundred. Each gram of fiber causes your body to burn seven calories,Apple
so metabolism negates thirty-five more calories (5 grams of fiber times 7 calories per gram), giving you a net retention of only forty-five calories from your one-hundred-calorie apple. Only 45% of the calories absorbed! 

looks like im living on popcorn and apples now..LOL

this year, a new you may mean new food. do what suits your body best and remember to just be active and choose food wisely to maintain optimum health. 


enjoy that cookie every now-and-then!!!!