we all wish we had loads of money, i know. 

i wish i lived a carrie bradshaw, sex-and-the-city existence
full of menolo blahniks

and dolce & gabbana

unfortunately though most of us cant spend 800$ on  a dress.
thats why there are designer bargain websites offering the same amazing styles at a fraction of the cost!

hautelook has these amazing alexander mcqueen sunglasses that retail at 295$ for only 109$

what a deal! also sites like 


offer great designers like zac posen and vivian tam on the cheap.

(well...cheap may not be the case ALWAYS but comparatively cheap for sure.)

i was in the market for an amazing leather bag, since someone broke into my car while i was at the gym and took my francisco biasia, and i came across gryson bags on gilt
for less that half the retail price!

so in todays economy, and with just plain smart thinking, its best to visit these sites when searching out quality pieces for a reasonable rate. after all, these are pricier because theyre built better and everyone needs a few key splurges!!!