Although this year is a bit of a frugal year for me, 

and i'm making my Christmas presents this year as opposed to purchasing...

im still always on the lookout for a good deal. 

Everyone loves Ugg Boots.

Well, everyone but me. 

I dont see what makes them so special besides the fact that they were once worn by some celebrity which made most of America follow suit. 

Im so thankful im not a name brand shopper. 

I dont mind a few nice pieces, I love quality, 
but what if you can get the same quality of an Ugg Boot for cheaper?

Now were talking!

The Ugg Boots are from Nordstrom

They retail for $179.95

These are Emu Boots from Macy's

and retail for $129.00


are on sale for $99.99

Both boots are sheepskin,

both are suede,

and both are stylish...


 I was told by a few people that have lived/been to Australia that they all wear
Emu Boots, not Ugg Boots....

There are so many cute Emu styles on their website...I want them all! 

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  1. Kelli on December 16, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    I do have to say, I like my "oogs" from Costco... they do the job!