i love food!

and although i eat often and adore the extravagant tastes of





sushi (yum!)...

sometimes its the simple things in life that make me smile brightest.

i love pea soup





truly is one of life's great and simple treats!
(i seriously have it almost every day)

and at 110kcal with 5g of fiber you cant go wrong!

1/4C popcorn in a brown lunch bag w/ a few spritz' of spray butter and some salt...

throw it in the microwave for 2-21/2 min (microwave times vary)
and you have perfect air popped popcorn!

Some of my favorite "toppings" are:
       S&P popcorn- just add pepper
Kettlecorn- a bit of sugar and more spray butter
Mexican- dash of cayenne pepper

yum yum yum

(oh did i mention that the calories in minus the fiber content actually equal a 45kcal treat???)