so last weekend my roommie amy and I went out...

we wanted to get all fancy...
(which for me usually means a dress)

and have a girl date.

i didn't have adequate time to actually think about what i was going to wear
so i darted into my dress closet...

yes i have a dress closet...

and pulled out this lovely number from target


this dress is last season clearance for $7...

seven dollars?!?!?
 luckily i was already wearing this $8 headband from a local boutique

and  LOVE LOVE LOVE to wear

socks+boots whenever I can,

so this ensemble came together quite effortlessly.  YAY.
(last thing i stress about is what to wear)

my boots were Candies from Kohl's for $35 

my socks were $12 @

dress $7
      headband $8 
socks $12
boots $35
vip entrance to dance
late night lamb sliders
a cheap GREAT girl date!

($62 outfit for those like me that didnt major in math haha)