ok, over summer's end I had an impromptu dinner party...

It was anything but planned and involved 8 people...

so i had to think of something fast
  ( considering i had just gotten off work)

and  easy.


i dont know anyone who doesnt love pizza!

so i made this bbq chicken pizza

as well as

a grilled veggie pizza.

all i can say is YUM!

im posting these recipes by Crystals request...
here you go girl, since you loved them!

(doesn't she make the cutest halloween scarecrow?!?!?)

bbq pizza...


1 store-bought pizza dough
1lb chicken thighs
2C bbq sauce of your liking
1/2C red onion
1 1/2C shredded cheddar cheese
1C chopped mushrooms
1/4C chopped basil

*place chicken in ziploc with 1C of bbq sauce and s&p. coat well and refrigerate 30min-overnight
*set oven to 425 degrees
*let pizza dough come to room temp (rest 20 min)
*cook thighs in skillet on stove until cooked through
  (this should only take about 5-7 min)
*once cooked let cool then shred by hand
*when dough has set stretch/roll  to desired size.
*place dough on pizza stone or cookie sheet and bake 5min
*pull out crust and begin to assemble:
          i layer bbq sauce
          shred the chicken by hand and arrange
          place the onions & mushrooms on top
          then cheese over ingredients
*bake in oven for 12-18min
*then sprinkle with basil and bake 1min

veggie pizza


1 store bought whole wheat pizza dough
1/2C zuchinni
1/2C mushrooms
1/2C onion
1/2C bell peppers
1/2C tomatoes thinly sliced
1C shredded mozerella
olive oil

*set oven to 425 degrees
*let pizza dough come to room temp (rest 20 min)
*when dough has set stretch/roll to desired size
*place dough on pizza stone or cookie sheet
*brush dough with olive oil and minced garlic
*bake 5min
*cook first 4 veggies in skillet over medium heat until softened
*arrange veggies on dough and top with mozerella cheese then fresh sliced tomatoes
*bake 12-18min