so this Christmas Eve all i had to bring to family dinner was a side dish.

seems so miniscule but i had been crazy baking lady the whole week prior so i was ok cooking a bit more low key.

i, unfortunately, didnt realize until last minute that i had to bring a side...i was gonna bake dessert 
(surprise surprise) so i had few options since i couldnt make it to the market. 

i did have butternut squash

and some apples

so i made a "squapple" salad :)

1 butternut squash peeled & cubed
4 apples cubed
sugar or stevia
dried cranberries

*put squash & apples on baking sheets and sprinkle w/ cinnamon & sugar
*bake at 400 degrees for 25-35min (until tender but not too soft)
*last 10 min place walnuts on baking sheet in oven to toast
*remove from oven & let cool
*place in bowl and top with walnuts and cranberries. squeeze 1/2 lemon over top.

so simple and it tasted soooo good!