Ok guys...

Im soooooo sorry that I have been a bit absent. This weekend was my mom's birthday as well as Thanksgiving weekend so I was swamped!

Mom's birthday went well. It was a Mexican Fiesta with a taco bar. Not too much to it. As it turns out, this was my mom's first birthday party. She's a lovely lady (a bit off her rocker LOL) and she felt so blessed to have the people she loves together. 

I need to do things like that for her more often!

Im needing to recap and make up for the days last week that I missed. I'd like to share my "Thoughts on Thursday" and some "Fashionable Friday" ideas with you. 

I'll start with my favorite morning pick-me-up... 

Energizing Oatmeal Pancakes...

I ate these daily when I was training
(for about five weeks)
and I never once wished for anything else. I'd even look forward to sleeping because 
I knew I'd get to wake up to these :)

Ingredients (one serving)

*6 egg whites
*1/2C oatmeal
*1t cinnamon
*1 packet raw sugar or stevia

Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl and cook over medium heat. Mine usually take about 2 minutes/side. I top with spray butter and pure maple syrup.

These are amazingly versatile! Some of my favorite variations are :

- 2T peanut butter either in the mix or spread on top
- fresh blueberries or muddled strawberries in the mix
- pumpkin butter and syrup on top

The possibilities are endless. Let me know if you create a variation to share...

I'd love to hear it!