"Let the peace of Christ rule in you hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful."
-Colossians 3:15

peace (noun): the absence of hostility
                         harmonious relations
                         stillness, silence, serenity

thank-ful (adj): conscious of benefit received
                            feeling or showing gratitude

I love words...

So often we use words in the wrong context and even more often we don't understand what a word fully means.

Peace & Thanks

These are easy enough to say but much more difficult to LIVE. 

What would it look like to spend a day at peace?
I mean total God-given peace?
Allowing "the peace of God to rule your hearts"?

To live, for just one day, peacefully can be difficult. To walk in silence, to remain still...
 (especially now with the consumer holiday fast approaching) is a challenge. 

I encourage you to spend this season in peace. 

Bake cookies for loved ones instead of going to the mall. 

Make your cards at home with candles lit and holiday music on. 

Really relax and enjoy this season...
a season of Peace. 

And in your place of rest, be thankful for all God has given you.

Be thankful that there is ONE person that loves you for that is far greater than any gift you could receive. 

Be thankful...please today write 10 things you are thankful for....truly thankful for.

1.Jesus and his grace

2.My mother and all her craziness

3. God's provision!!! (in these tough financial times)

4. My Sam Edelman boots

(ok I seriously am thankful for theses...I got them on the Nordtrom Anniversary Sale!!!)

5. Jessica and how peaceful life seems to be when Im with her :)

6. My body and the fact that it hasn't given up on me yet despite all I put it through
   (hot yoga, run, lack of sleep, etc.)

7. Rick & Kathy Martinez the lead elders of my church....they are two amazing people and his heart,
    wisdon, and knowledge astound me.

8. My computer so I can BLOG!

9. Food, Food, Food....and praise God we dont eat manna anymore!

10. YOU....thank you for allowing me to play a small role in your life!

'Tis The Season