I am always inspired by the visual artists at Anthropologie...let's face it, who isnt?!?!
Everytime I'm in one of their stores I wish I had a million dollars to recreate their style.
Unfortunately, however, like most of you I live on a budget.
SO... when I was remodeling my bathroom I decided to decorate like Anthro (only cost effectively).
On a morning jog I ran past a weathered old palate and got inspired to make a shelf.
You can get a palate for free from most large stores (Target, Tous r' Us, etc)
I took a hammer to the wood until it was the size I wanted. You can sand this if you'd like but since Im not touching my shelf regularly I choose not to sand.
I then went to Home Depot and bought floating shelf mounts for $4.00.....


& VOILA...
My $4.00 Anthropologie inspired bathroom shelf!


  1. jessica on November 17, 2009 at 5:10 PM

    Oh my favorite story of you running and found the wood and just took a hammer to it!

  2. Farmgirl Paints on November 20, 2009 at 7:11 AM

    Hi Kabra,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to say I'm really impressed by yours. You should have seen mine one week in...not pulled together and super cute like this... that's for sure. You will do well I'm sure. So glad you are going to put a spotlight on our Lord and Savior. Let your voice be heard! Have a great weekend.

    Oh and I loved that towel ring by your fab Anthropologie:)