so my last post was tuesday and i, unfortunately, have no good reason for that.
turns out that some days (or 3) im


just plain ol' l-a-z-y.
so so sorry!

and ive kinda had some mental blocks. on wednesday i didnt have any
particularly amazing wedding idea
(well i always have a ton of ideas its just choosing one)

thursday & friday were busy. i write this U2:rattle & hum is on tv. 
my new fav channel PALLADIA. its amazing!


really, how does anyone NOT love this band?!?!

ok sorry about the tangent.

what i was gonna say is that my mind has been a bit blank and busy lately
but tonight at church something inspired me.

its a verse...

you are not your own; you were bought at a price
1 corinthians 6:19


so this body i have is on loan. i understand that.
im a soul with a body NOT a body with a soul.
im still understanding.
but if i think of it as if this body on loan were dying and i said to Jesus
"ok ill let you have this body. can i live forever?"
and He said "sounds good to me"
(i often think Jesus to be pretty chill)
then this body is fully not my own.
you get it?

ok, but unfortunately it wasnt that easy...
no no no.
satan owned my body and hes not too nice so he wasnt willing to trade.
he wanted a body so God gave him Jesus'.

now i know it seems juvenile.
like im talking to 5 year olds here.
but often we need to get back to the basics and understand Gods ways with childlike faith.


God paid satan for me and he paid a PRETTY HIGH PRICE

if i dont own this body why do i continue to try to do with it what i want?
would i go paint someones house without asking what color they'd like?
no, id consult the owner. 

so the point?


before i make any decisions that will affect this body or life i must first run it by God and the  word (His owners manual)  and see if He's cool with it. 

Hes the owner after all.

Way easier said than done but im gonna try.

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  1. Lissa on December 22, 2009 at 8:17 PM

    absolutely! and keep trying! That's what I do everyday... keep trying!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!! Love, Lissa