"Sometimes you've got to let everything go- purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything...whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you'll find that when youre FREE, your true CREATIVITY, your true self comes out."

Im 26 years old and often feel like i've lived more life than most other 26 year olds i've come across. I've walked through a lot and have had a rough past two years (to say the very least). Recently I decided to take control of my life by actually giving all control up. I have noticed that when I think I know best, it is then that I know the absolute least. Looking back over my life I've noticed a strong pattern...God happens to know what He's doing. So as for now, this season of my life, I'm finally accepting that truth and purging all the baggage and negativities of my past. Im living the here-and-now and expressing myself through all things creative.

IM FREE... And in my freedom my true self comes out. Fortunately, my true self is one of LOVE, design, art, expression, and vision!
My desire is that through my journey (my hopes, thoughts, ideas, passions, and wisdom) you are encouraged and inspired!

I am truly blessed by God to have the ability to create. As a hairstylist I'm given the opportunity daily to express myself through style and fashion.
Bumbe&Bumble founder Michael Gordon once said that "80% of a haircut is done with the eye, the other 20% with the hand"
Im thankful daily for the eyes that God gave me!




This is my heart, my journey, my life...and I joyfully invite you to join. Enjoy the ride!