Yesterday I was reading a book I have

"4000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone" by Barbara Ann Kipfer.
The question asked if you'd rather have to put together a 30,000 piece jigsaw puzzle or read the dictionary cover-to-cover. 

Naturally I gravitated towards the dictionary option because nothing bad could come of it. 

Sure It'd take awhile...

Sure I'd get bored....

I'd get smarter, right???

Then I contemplated why the jigsaw puzzle didn't appeal to me. 
I came to the conclusion that I have no desire to put that much effort into something that I can look on the front of the box to see finished. 

What's the point of spending so much




with all 30,000 pieces to get the same outcome as the picture on the front of the box???
(just to say you did it, right?)

Well here's where my EPIPHANY came about... 

is putting together the jigsaw puzzle that is each of our lives. He is patiently placing each and every piece exactly where it belongs. Even though He's seen the front of the box (the completed picture) He still takes the time with every placement making sure it fits just-right. He never throws his hands in the air exclaiming 
"What's the point??? I already know! I'll just look at the box!!"
He enjoys seeing new sections of this life picture form. Sometimes it may take a bit longer for Him to get the right piece to fit- and we may get impatient and frustrated in the meantime, but eventually the perfect piece will fall into place! And once the picture that GOD designed is finished....
what a beautiful portrait that will be!


once we start taking the puzzle and all it pieces into our own hands is when we find ourselves in trouble. We force pieces together even though they weren't crafted to fit just because we're tired of seeing an unfinished picture. We become lazy and half-hearted in our puzzle placement and, in time, we turn God's beautiful design into a 3rd grade finger painting 
(at the absolute best)

 So what's the point???

Leave your picture for GOD to put together if you desire anything museum worthy
(and don't settle for  less than that)

"A gallery of paintings new and paintings old
I guess it's no surprise that I'm no Michelangelo

Every layer of mine hides a lovely design
It might take a little patience
It might take a little time

But you called me beautiful
When you saw my shame
And you placed me on the wall

-Nichole Nordeman, Anyway lyric


  1. jessica on November 19, 2009 at 2:53 PM

    My initial response to the question was jigsaw, because I love the challenge of it all and love to see it finished. But, I also agree with you about, "what's the point, the pic is right there." Great insight thanks for your thoughts;)

  2. Jaime on November 20, 2009 at 12:41 PM

    Oh Kabra, this is such a lovely perspective on God's patience with us (and on the patience we need to have as God forms us into exactly who He designed us to be). Thanks for sharing your insight! Keep it coming, friend!